Training Workshops

Barbara Bowes is a much sought after trainer, offering workshops in a wide variety of topics and formats. Pulling from her varied experiences, both work-related and personal, Barb is a natural storyteller and highly effective trainer. Using the same first-hand, time tested experience that has made her a popular writer and speaker, Barb can transform workplaces and inspire participants to pursue success in their work and lives.

Barb's top training workshops:

  1. Ethics and Professionalism in the Workplace (1 day). 
  2. Exploring Organizational Effectiveness (1 hour)
  3. Gaining Team Commitment (1 hour)
  4. Generations in the Workplace (1 hour)
  5. Effective Self Marketing (1 hour)
  6. The Power of Positive Personal Leadership (1 hour)
  7. What makes me Tick… Career Planning for Success (1 hour)
  8. Collaborative Workplace Skills (1 hour)
  9. What’s your Role in Building a Positive Workplace Culture (1 hour)
  10. Effective Delegation as a Leadership Style (8 hours session)
  11. Making Things Happen at Work: The Power of Positive Relationships (8 hours session)

Along with the listed sessions, Barb can also tailor a training session to suit your specific needs.